STARS Program

A typical STARS student


The STARS program selects students with strong math and science backgrounds who are interested in pursuing a doctorate degree. Students need the self-discipline and professionalism to work in research laboratories in a way that contributes to the advancement of scientific knowledge. Part of being a STAR is the dedication to excel in both the classroom and the laboratory setting.

Freshman STARS are ready for university-level science and math classes when they arrive on campus. They study calculus, chemistry and biology in their freshman year. They need to master the content of these classes and earn strong grades in all of their courses.

Students who are already at WSU when they join the STARS program will have successfully completed at least:

Math 140 or Math 171
Chemistry 105 and 106
Biology 106 and 107

In their sophomore year, STARS students study physics while continuing to pursue coursework in chemistry and the life sciences. Further coursework depends on the particular choice of major.

The standards are high in the STARS program, but paid laboratory research experience, stipends, and faculty advising all support the success of enrolled students.

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