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Griswold Lab Alumni

Former Graduate Students:

James Merryweather, Ph.D., 1981 "Hormone Stimulation of Cultured Sertoli Cells: An Examination of RNA Synthesis and Cell-Free Translation Products"

Charles Kissinger, M.S., 1982 "Analysis of Sertoli Cell Secreted Proteins by Two-Dimensional Gel Electrophoresis"

Michael Skinner, Ph.D., 1983 "Structure and Secretion of Testicular Transferrin"

JoAnne Marzowski, Ph.D., 1983 "Characterization of Sertoli Cell Plasma Membranes"

Steve Sylvester, Ph.D., 1983 "Localization and Function of Sertoli Cell Secretion Products in the Rat Testis"

Jodi Huggenvik, Ph.D., 1984 "Molecular Cloning of Rat Transferrin cDNA and Regulation of Transferrin mRNA in the Testis"

Suzanne Hugly, Ph.D., 1986 "Regulation of Levels of Specific Sertoli Cell mRNA's by Vitamin A and Hormones"

Michael Collard, Ph.D, 1987 "Biosynthesis and Molecular Cloning of Sulfated Glycoproteins 1 and 2 Secereted by Rat Sertoli cells"

Ken Roberts, Ph.D, 1990 "Testosterone and Transferrin Receptor in Spermatogenesis"

Robert Gilmont, Ph.D, 1990 "Transferrin in Bull Sertoli cells and in Bull Semen"

Barbara Stallard, Ph.D, 1990 "Regulation of Gene Expression During Spermatogenesis"

Leslie Heckert, PhD, 1991 "Structure and Expression of FSH Receptor Gene"

Jim Tsuruta- PhD 1991 "Characterization of Two Secreted Sertoli cell Proteins: Sulfated Glycoprotein 2 and Cystatin C"

Lynn Law- PhD 1992 "Characterization of SGP 2 in Physiological Fluids and the Analysis of Apolipoproteins E and A1 in the Male Reproductive Tract"

Insuk Han- PhD 1993 "Basic FGF and FGF Receptor Involvement in Testicular Cell-Cell Interactions and Expression of FSH Receptor and SGP-2 Fusion Proteins"

Tamara Goetz- PhD 1996 "Characterization of the FSH Receptor Promoter"

Tracy Lloyd M.S.1996 "Role of the Inr and Methylation in the Promoter of the FSH Receptor"

Kris Graf, M.S., 1997 "Autoimmunity and the Rat Follicle Stimulating Hormone Receptor"

Elena Lymar, Ph.D, 1998 "Sertoli cell Specific Regulation of the Clusterin Gene Expression in the Rat Testis"

Walter Tribley, Ph.D., 1998

Postdoctoral Fellows and Research Associates:

Wes Cosand, Research Associate, 1981-1983

Carlos Morales, Postdoctoral Fellow, 1985-1987

Ping Ren, Visiting Scholar from China, 1986-1987

Jes Siiteri, Postdoctoral Fellow, 1987- 1989

Paul Bishop, Research Associate, 1983-1987

Steve Sylvester, Research Associate, 1983-1996

Kwan Hee Kim, Research Associate, 1987-1989

Monny Choongkittaworn, Postdoctoral Fellow, 1989-1993

Carol Linder, Postdoctoral Fellow, 1990-1994

Michael McGuinness, Postdoctoral Fellow. 1991-1996

Sharon MaGuire, Postdoctoral Fellow, 1994 -1995

Ann Clark, Postdoctoral Fellow, 1993-1998

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