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Cynthia Haseltine

Cynthia Haseltine

Associate Professor


Fall and Summer
MBioS 404 Molecular Biology: Introduction of prokaryotic and eukaryotic genome organization and gene expression, modern molecular techniques, experimental approaches, genome and gene function and analyses.

MBioS 494 Capstone Senior Project in Molecular Biosciences: Written paper and seminar presentation on laboratory research project.

Room: BLS 137
Office Phone: 509-335-6148
Room: BLS 140
Lab Phone: 509-335-6297


Research & Interests

I have two words for you:

Boiling Acid


Ok, maybe it should be more like nearly boiling acid, but I think you get the idea. It's harsh, it's dangerous, and it shouldn't support life. But it does. And not only can nearly boiling acid support life, it's practically teeming with it. Work in our lab is focused on organisms that shouldn't be able to live where they do and how they manage to live so very well. Specifically, we're interested in microscopic organisms called Archaea that are able to flourish in hot springs across the planet, as long as those spots are both very hot and very acidic. We're studying how these microbes survive in their hot springs, including ways they fix their DNA when it becomes damaged and what types of microbial warfare they use to compete in their environment. One aspect of our work is aimed toward understanding how cells resist DNA damage and repair broken DNA, both of which are important for unraveling the mechanisms behind cancer formation. A newer direction in the lab focuses on novel antimicrobials produced by Archaea which are promising alternatives for battling antibiotic resistant pathogens.

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Select Publications
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  • Rolfsmeier ML, Laughery MF, Haseltine CA. (2010) Repair of DNA double-strand breaks following UV damage in three Sulfolobus solfataricus strains. J Bacteriol. 192(19), 4954-62 PMID: 20675475 PMCID: PMC2944543
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